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Reflections on art… and an Art Crawl

Somehow, Spring brings out the best in us – even those with seasonal allergies! And Spring 2016 St. Paul Art Crawl was a special experience, with the weather actually spring-like AND it being the 25th anniversary year of the St. Paul Art Crawl. Kala Vandanam shared Bharatanatyam with the Art Crawl audience in another atypical […]

Showing Up

The night before the Minnesota 2016 caucuses, I attended a session in a “Voting Booth Chronicles” series facilitated by the Citizens’ League. It was a very informative session on the history of caucusing in Minnesota, the nuts and bolts of how a voter participates in a caucus, and how issues get their footing at the […]


It is the heart of winter in Minnesota, and I spend more time than usual stretching prior to practice, rehearsal or teaching class – just to take extra care during these cold months. But recently while I was stretching, my mind started wandering to, well, stretching. How many different ways we can stretch ourselves, and […]

“Closing the Books” on 2015

Somehow, 2015 has passed by, and we get to look ahead to the new book and wonderful story we write in 2016. But before moving on, perhaps it is helpful to borrow a page from the accounting world and “close the books” on 2015 first – taking the a moment to look at what we […]