“Closing the Books” on 2015

Somehow, 2015 has passed by, and we get to look ahead to the new book and wonderful story we write in 2016. But before moving on, perhaps it is helpful to borrow a page from the accounting world and “close the books” on 2015 first – taking the a moment to look at what we learned, what we spent, what we gained, what nourished us, what deprived us, what was accomplished, what wasn’t. And taking all of that reflection, processing it, adapting it, and then letting it go so we can build on it and move forward in 2016.

While it feels like a luxury to give ourselves a little stillness and quiet space to reflect for a moment, maybe it should be a necessity instead?

This reflection reveals to me what a wonderful and eventful year it has been at Kala Vandanam. There is still much to explore and get better at, but with all of the time and effort spent, I’m excited as I think about all that was gained.

  • So many young students finding their footing in the art and starting to make it their own.
  • So many adult students rediscovering the art and pursuing it purely for passion and personal satisfaction.
  • New bridges built thanks to wonderful collaborations with our fellow dance groups in Lowertown St. Paul (Sendero Flamenco and Ballet Minnesota) and our friends at the Main Street School of Performing Arts in Hopkins.
  • Opportunities to share the art with new audiences and new artists.
  • New opportunities that lie ahead thanks to support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation for the Knight Arts Challenge.
  • The honor and pleasure of hosting internationally acclaimed artists in the Twin Cities, and the opportunity to see their creativity and brilliance up close.

What a bounty it has been! Wishing you all an incredible year ahead, as you open your own new book and start writing your story for 2016. Looking forward with much anticipation!