Day 1 at Kala Vandanam

By Devi Vijayakumar

Sept 28th 2009 – was our family’s Day 1 at Kala Vandanam.

For the past 13 years, we’ve evolved and grown with Kala Vandanam. The culture embodies long term value over short term outcomes, obsession with learning and having fun, and puts commitment and being a good human being at the center of everything. Kala Vandanam fostered guided exploration, pursuit of ambitious goals, bold innovation, and dancing for the mere joy of dancing.

It’s about being constantly curious, nimble, and experimental. It’s about being brave enough to fail if it means that, by applying the lessons learnt, we can better surprise and delight ourselves in future.

Some of this might sound very familiar to those in the business world. I see this as Kala Vandanam’s “Day 1” mentality. There’s always something new, something to do, and a path for you. And plenty of #natyamnaatak moments to keep it fun and refreshing.

Devi Vijayakumar is a software product management professional and adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota. She is an art lover, passionate and supportive Bharatanatyam mom, mother of twins, and one of the most meticulous, organized people you will ever meet.