ARTS INTERRUPTED – Supporting artists affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

THANK YOU to the supporters who helped raise $4900 $5000 $5175 for our BENEFICIARY ORGANIZATIONS

Springboard for the Arts – Emergency Relief Fund – $2000 supported 4 artists in the Twin Cities

Samarpana Foundation – $1500+ supported 50 artists and their families in India

Sumanasa Foundation – Supporting Marginalized Artists – $1500+ supported 50 artists and their families in India

All of the effort for this campaign has been done pro-bono, in service to artists and the community.

Many in the arts community face unmanageable financial loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These individuals are integral to the fabric of our communities and cultures; in fact, artists are the heartbeat of our communities. They are on the front lines of serving the hearts and minds of people all around the world.

Artists are independent workers. Many have lost significant income due to work such as commissions, performances, exhibitions, workshops, and classes that were scheduled and lost, and there is great uncertainty about how much of this will come back in a timely manner.

Gathering groups together is VITAL for artists, arts organizations and the arts ecosystem – all of which will suffer as long as Stay-At-Home and Social Distancing measures are required for public health concerns.


Project Concept – Suchitra Sairam
Graphic Design – Priya Natarajan
Dancers design inspired by watercolor artwork of Kala Vandanam student Keerthi Pamulaparthy

Indian Classical Dance

Indian Classical Music

Bharatanatyam – Male

Bharatanatyam – Female

Kathak – Female

Kathak – Male




Odissi – Female

Odissi – Male


Kuchipudi – Female


Kuchipudi – Male

Mohini Attam – Female