#natyamnaatak – Anger Management or Enthusiasm?

I’ve been known to break a few thattukazhi kuchi (wood sticks to use in class to tap out rhythms). OK, maybe not a few… a lot. At least one a year.

But I achieved new heights in 2021… 3 sticks broken to where the wood splinters and shavings moved beyond nuisance to menace. 

  • Stick 1 – New Year’s Day to Vijayadasami Day (9 ½ months)
  • Stick 2 – Vijayadasami Day to 11/21 (37 days)
  • Stick 3 – 11/21-12/19 (28 days)

It’s gotten to the point where students ask me if I have an anger management problem they don’t know about. I don’t have an anger management problem. Truly. I’d like to think the stick quality has gone wayyyyy down… but there probably is an “enthusiasm” problem. 

QUESTION 1 – Bets on how long Stick 1 2022 will last?

QUESTION 2 – How long does your stick usually last? Or maybe I shouldn’t ask???