#natyamnaatak – Who do ya think you’re fooling? APRIL FOOLS!

After being on the receiving end of a variety of April Fools jokes at the hands of students over the years, I decided to up the ante a bit a few years ago in the April newsletter.

Dear Kala Vandanam family,

It’s with a heavy heart that effective immediately, I am retiring from the arts as a dancer and teacher. Though I love you all very much, after my recent travels, I’ve realized that my calling is to be with wild animals. I’ve decided to move to Sri Lanka and be a gamekeeper for elephants at the Minneriya Wildlife Preserve.

I wish everyone well in your journey forward. Please keep in touch.



While I do regret that I apparently made a lot of students (and some parents) cry before they realized it was an April Fool’s joke, I do not regret for one second some of the responses. 😂

While you go, take our 2 wildies with you too.”

“You are already spending your full Sunday with the animals (a.k.a. students)… no Sri Lanka trip needed, ok?”

“Got my heart thumping, so got today’s cardio workout covered, I guess!”

What a great decision. It’s a great relief for us parents.”

“You will be an excellent gamekeeper for the elephants.”

Kid (not fooled) to parent (fooled) “Really — you believe Suchi Akka would quit dance? Maybe when she turns 100 she may think of it.”