#natyamnaatak – Dancers’ Secret Language

#natyamnaatak from Mahati Rayadurgam @mahati.raya and Dhriti Rayadurgam

 Dancers have a secret language—

We were in the car after class on a Sunday, writing notes for the dance we were learning. Our parents overheard the discussion of our notes and writing down the steps.

Parents’ expectation of us writing notes: jump, that thai tha ha, bramari, that dhit tham, etc….

Reality of us writing notes: 

M: Yes, so it’s kick while turning your hand from alapadma to fancy katakamukha…

D: Okay, and then we break it open with scissors…

M: And then, jump-tha dhit tha three times, so put it in parentheses and multiply by three…

Parents (attempting to understand the secret language): 😂 🤔 😳 🤪