#natyamnaatak – Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8 – It Works!

Students were learning a difficult new movement, and were getting a little discouraged. The movement requires repeatedly going up and down to the knees and back up. It takes strength, balance and concentration.

It was time for a little pep talk. And some high philosophy.

Teacher – “I know this is hard. But just like other things you have learned, you will get this with repetition and practice.”

Student 1 – “Yeah, but we’ve never had to keep falling down and getting up before. Who thought this was a good idea.”

Teacher – “There is an old Japanese saying, ‘Fall down 7 times, get up 8.’ What does that mean to you.”

Student 2 – “I guess it means that we should keep on trying.”

One week passes, and students are back in class.

Teacher – “So how is it going.”

Student 3 – “Definitely better, at least I can get up again.”

Student 1 – “My knees still hurt, but not as much.”

Student 2 – “I think I even like this step now. That saying really works!”

Student 4 – “Yeah, that Japanese guy really knew what he was talking about.”
Teacher – #mindvoice “Yes, yes indeed.”