#natyamnaatak – The Final Countdown

Navaratri is here, and Kala Vandanam’s annual Natya Sadhana celebration on Vijayadasami day is just a few days away… and the 20th time we’ll be celebrating together!

The final prep can be tense for some students, and occasionally for the teacher; but there is always amusement to be had.

Past questions at the final class before the program. (Where do they come up with this stuff?!?!?!)

“What do I wear?”

“What if my mom doesn’t know how to dress me up?”

“What if my dupatta falls off and I trip on it?”

“What if I forget the entire dance when we are ON STAGE?”

“What if I run into someone else and we both fall down?”

“What if I faint on stage because I’m hungry?”

“What happens if we get blinded by the lights and fall off the stage?”

“Can you make sure my mom sits somewhere where I can’t see her?”

“If you forget my name in the program, should I still dance?”

“Can we go first and get it over with?” followed immediately by “No, we should go in the MIDDLE so no one will remember our mistakes.”

“What happens if there is a fire alarm in the middle of the performance?”

And the best I’ve heard in all these years…

“Do you think we will be famous after this performance?”

Let’s see what they have in store this weekend.