#natyamnaatak – “Hairclip-gate”

While we don’t have uniforms for classes at Kala Vandanam, we do have a simple dress code. One element of said dress code is to have your hair completely tied and clipped back and out of your face. As an aside – this does not support the resurgent hairstyle trend of FFTs (face-framing tendrils… I refuse to call them by their other name.)

Student has had repeated trouble with clipping her hair back, and constantly has hair in her face during class.

Teacher – “Kanna, how should we keep our hair for class?”

Student – “It’s tied back!”

Teacher – “Yes, but hair is still falling in your face – didn’t we talk about using hair clips? It will help you keep hair out of your face so you can spend your time dancing rather than fixing your hair.”

Student – “There weren’t any hairclips in my house.”

Teacher – “No hair clips in your house?” (suspicions arise, as there are 2 sisters. Both are my students. And any house with girls has LOTS of hair clips.) “Where did they all go?”

Student – “My sister gave them away to her friends, so we don’t have any left.”

Teacher – “Oh dear, that makes it hard. Shall I talk to her about this?”

Student – (getting a little nervous) “No, that’s ok… I’ll talk to her. She may lie to you if you ask her.”

Teacher – “I’m sure you both will come to an agreement. And that you will have your hair clipped back from now on, right?

#mindvoice “Who’s lying now?” 😜 😂