#natyamnaatak – “I don’t believe you.”

It was an unseasonably sultry day in the Twin Cities (temp 97F, felt like 100F), and our non-air conditioned studio started to feel a wee bit warm, by late afternoon.

Young students, who just started learning a few months ago, came in for their class. There was clearly only one topic of conversation.

Student 1 – “Suchi akka, do you know how hot it is?”

Student 2 – “It is SO hot, and I’m SO sweaty!”

Student 3 – “I think it’s 100 degrees, but it feels like a million degrees!” 

Teacher – “It is very hot outside today, so it’s very important that we drink a lot of water.”

Student 4 – “But we’re already so sweaty, if we drink more water, we will just sweat more!”

Teacher – “Well, we have started class yet, so we are going to be sweating even more soon! And it’s important to replace all of the water you are sweating out. Let’s get started, ok?”

(Fast forward 1 minute into our warm up and exercises.)

Student 5 – “Suchi akka, are you sure we really need a warm up today? We’re already SO HOT.”

Student 1 – “Yeah, see, I’m sweating here.” (points to armpit)

Student 2 – “I’m sweating here!” (points to head)

Student 3 – “I think I am sweating inside my nose.”

Teacher – “Yes. But sweating a lot is one of the best things when you dance. You will feel SO good afterward!” 

Student 4 – “I don’t believe you.”

Teacher – “You don’t yet, but I hope you will someday…”

#mindvoice “Reminder…. trust takes time, trust takes time”