#natyamnaatak – “My whole school needs a kaarvai”

Young students are learning some new steps, starting with the rhythmic pattern, then footwork.

Teacher – “This new adavu (step) has something new, can you tell what it is?”
Student 1 – “Why do you stop in the middle like that?”
Teacher – “I’m not stopping, I am pausing. We call this pause ‘kaarvai’.”
Student 2 – “‘Kaarvai’ – does that mean we stop dancing?”
Teacher – “No it just means that we stay silent with our bodies for just a moment. Just like we aren’t saying anything with our mouths, our bodies should be still during the ‘kaarvai’.”
Student 3 – “Still and silent, that never happens in my school.”
Student 4 – “Mine either, especially at lunchtime in the cafeteria.”
Student 1 – “Yeah, I think my whole school needs a kaarvai at lunchtime too.”
Teacher – #mindvoice “I’m pretty sure your teachers would agree.” 

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