#natyamnaatak – Looking Cute

Final practice before the annual recital…

Student 1 – “What are we wearing?”

Student 2 – “Where are we supposed to go?”

Student 3 – “Do my parents have directions?”

Student 4 – “Will there be bright lights?”

Student 5 – “Why can’t we wear salangai like the older students?”

Student 6 – “I’m glad we don’t wear salangai, they look too heavy.”

Etcetera etcetera…

Teacher – “How about you all worry about dancing well first, rather than all of these other things?”

Student 1 – “Don’t worry Suchi akka, no matter how we dance, our parents will think we look cute anyway and be happy. And you said this should be a happy occasion for students and parents.”

Teacher – “Oy, let’s go… mooshika vaahana…..”

#mindvoice “ummmmmm……”