#natyamnaatak – Nitpicking

I usually have a lot of heart-to-heart chats with students as they are preparing for major milestone performances, and the 1st of such conversations usually happens before rehearsals even start.

I include warnings about a few things, such as:

  • “There are some days you will leave here not liking me very much.”
  • “As long as you come back, all will be fine.”
  • “I will nitpick you, but know that all of the nitpicking is with love.”

Fast forward a few months into rehearsals with one student…

Student has been getting nitpicked about a particular thing for several rehearsals in a row… each time there is progress, but of course Teacher dutifully follows by a more detailed nitpick.

Student, taking it all in stride and in good spirits, tells me deadpan… “Suchi akka, I finally got the whole “nitpick” warning. The more I dance and improve, the nits keep getting smaller, and your pick keeps getting pointier to get rid of them.”

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