#natyamnaatak – ““The President is in Town!”

Group class time, and we usually start with general “what’s new with you” conversations. It’s also time for students to share a lot of “gyan” (knowledge, wisdom) about a variety of topics.

Student 1 – “Suchi akka, did you know that President Biden is in town?” (POTUS was in Minneapolis on Sun 5/1 for the memorial honoring the former Vice President, and local son, Walter Mondale)
Teacher – “Oh, I didn’t realize that! Why didn’t you invite him to come to Kala Vandanam and visit us?”
Student 2 – “I don’t think his bodyguards would allow it.”
Teacher – “Why wouldn’t the Secret Service allow it? Are you all such scary people that they would be afraid of you?”
(we later had a conversation about mushti hasta and punching people, but that is for another #natyamnaatak)
Student 3 – “They wouldn’t be afraid of us, they would be afraid of you!”
Teacher – “Afraid of ME? Why would they be afraid of me?”
Student 3 – “You would probably make the President sit in araimandi.”
Student 4 – “Yeah, and then he’d be so tired from it that he would get mad at his bodyguards for bringing him here.”
Teacher – 😂😂😂 🤔🤔🤔 😬😬😬