Reflections on Natya Gurukulam 2019

By Suchitra Sairam

What a wonderful week we all enjoyed together at Natya Gurukulam 2019, our second residential camp. I am truly delighted that we had 18 dancers from Kala Vandanam and The Kalapeetham Foundation (CA) join us, ranging from young dancers just getting started to highly experienced dancers with many years of training and performance behind them. I hope that each and every one took away valuable experiences and learnings to enhance their respective onward artistic journeys.

My deep appreciation and very special thanks to Sheejith Krishna and Jyothishmathi Sheejith for sharing their art, approach and outlook with us, to Vaishalee Patel for sharing her passion for well being and 3 invigorating and relaxing yoga practices with us daily, to Camp Administrator Thangamani Appugounder for all of her help in preparation and in keeping things running smoothly on a daily basis, and to “Camp Paatti” Ambika Natarajan for her loving care in keeping a close eye on everyone’s well being. Without each of them and their respective talents, and personal commitment, this dream I’ve had for a long time would not be reality.

My heartfelt thanks to the loving staff at Koinonia Retreat Center who once again took such personal interest in caring for us and our needs every day. Koinonia is certainly in a beautiful location, but it is the people there that make it a beautiful place.