Empowering women and girls

Bharatanatyam is one of the most popular and widely practiced classical dance styles of India, with sculptural evidence dating back nearly 3000 years. A highly spiritual and dedicatory dance form, Bharatanatyam‘s roots go back to the Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu… more »


Suchitra Sairam is a highly committed Bharatanatyam artist with 30 years in the field, and received foundational training in the Kalakshetra style from Smt. Padmini Chari. Suchitra has continued advanced training in Bharatanatyam under legendary artists… more »

Suchitra Sairam founded Kala Vandanam Dance Company in 2002, with the vision of sharing the beauty and depth of Bharatanatyam, the oldest and most widely performed classical dance tradition of India through education, outreach and performance. … more »

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