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Reluctant Innovation

By Suchitra Sairam 04/09/2020 COVID-19. Global Pandemic. Not many characters, but they say so much. There are many words being used to describe these times we are in – whatever euphemisms we use, things are just so…. strange. Unfamiliar. Uncomfortable. What is “normal” now? What will “normal” be? No doubt, there are more questions than […]

Anxious, Happy Feet – a poem

By Shivona Bhojwani 02/28/2020 Anxious, happy feet I love to tap my feet gleefully and blissfully, with an erratic energy that no one can see. I love how my hair sways, on a mid-air leap, where it’s free to be messy, and there’s no one to peep. My heart loves to thud, on a fast-paced […]

This Decade… A Reflection on Kala Vandanam 2010-2019

By Suchitra Sairam 12/31/2019 Ends of a year always bring a time to reflect, be grateful for all that has been good, and mull over learnings from things that may not have gone according to plans or hopes. But the end of a decade brings this forward many fold, particularly in the feelings of gratitude for […]

30 years…. and counting

By Suchitra Sairam 08/19/2019 I can’t claim that this is a journey I planned or ever even expected to be on, but it is one that has influenced every aspect of my life. Today marks 30 years since my Bharatanatyam Arangetram. It was 3 years into my Bharatanatyam learning journey (I started VERY late compared to […]

Reflections on Natya Gurukulam 2019

By Suchitra Sairam 08/13/2019 What a wonderful week we all enjoyed together at Natya Gurukulam 2019, our second residential camp. I am truly delighted that we had 18 dancers from Kala Vandanam and The Kalapeetham Foundation (CA) join us, ranging from young dancers just getting started to highly experienced dancers with many years of training and performance behind them. I hope […]