I taught a 4 month introductory Bharatanatyam session for young children at a local Montessori school. We concluded the session with a short showcase for the students to share what they had been learning with their parents, teachers and schoolmates.

After the showcase, I gave each of the students small mementos, including a button saying “Keep Calm and Sit in Araimandi.” 

Araimandi is the signature half-sitting posture in Bharatanatyam. All students learn about it from day 1, and it takes a lifetime to master. It’s challenging on the body and coordination, but beautiful when done well.


S1 – “Oh, these buttons are so pretty!”

S2 – “What does that word (pointing to araimandi) say?”

S3 – “It says araimandi – you know.”

S2 – “Araimandi? What is araimandi?”

T – “Excuse me, we’ve been been doing it in class for 4 months.”

S1 – “Actually she doesn’t do it in class, that’s why she doesn’t know what it is.”

T – #mindvoice “I think a little piece of me just died inside.”


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