Reflections on art… and an Art Crawl

Somehow, Spring brings out the best in us – even those with seasonal allergies! And Spring 2016 St. Paul Art Crawl was a special experience, with the weather actually spring-like AND it being the 25th anniversary year of the St. Paul Art Crawl. Kala Vandanam shared Bharatanatyam with the Art Crawl audience in another atypical venue for the art – at Golden’s Lowertown – and what a great crowd! Such a cozy space, it made for a warm experience.

We had the lovely experience of having a whole set dedicated to family members dancing together, and sharing art together. Sisters, mothers and daughters shared the stage, and created family memories together through art. One of our touching memories is that this Art Crawl started just one day after the passing of international music icon and hometown hero Prince. Though you wouldn’t think our art forms had much to do with each other, we couldn’t help but try to make a connection. Thanks to the warm audience for indulging us in this small tribute to The Purple One.

I thought it best to leave it to Kala Vandanam students to share their thoughts on their Art Crawl experiences – and why not? It should be about far more than just practice and performance anyway, right?


“I really like practicing and dancing with Mummy, it was fun.” – Maya B.

“I was very scared when I got in line to go up on stage…. When I walked off the stage, I felt so happy and felt like I accomplished something big… It was like when you are on a rollercoaster and you are at teh very top and are about to go down. I feel like I want to do it again, but I also don’t want to. P.S. When is the next Art Crawl?” – Shridula A.

” I enjoyed seeing a dance from another studio, and seeing other dances from Kala Vandanam.” – Shriya B.

“I have been fortunate to have great experiences with all of the Art Crawls I’ve danced in, but this one was probably my favorite. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the energy of dancing in the Golden’s Deli. Even though it was a cozy space, it seemed quite relaxed and chill. I danced Adidum Arasai with both my sister and some classmates. I really enjoyed dancing with them, and got to dance with some new people as well. I really liked how for one set, family members danced together. I thought it was a really fun idea and liked watching them perform. I am proud of Kala Vandanam as a whole on our performance that day, and I can’t wait for many more of these occasions:)” – Swetha G.

“It was my first time at the Spring art crawl, and it was a wonderful experience to share the dance form with family, friends and art lovers. I thoroughly enjoyed art crawl, and watching Suchi Akka’s tribute to Prince, was awe inspiring!” – Keerthi P.