Ritu – Beyond the Seasons

By Devi Vijayakumar

On Jan 28th, 2017, as I watched Ritu-The Seasons come to life in its full glory at the Anne Simley Theater in St. Paul, little did I expect that the Pinnal Kolattam would end up being an edge-of-the-seat thriller. The applause at the end of the piece was a testimony to the meticulous choreography and execution.

But, that’s just what the audience saw on stage.

Not many would have known that there were absolutely no helpers backstage to assist with the costume and jewelry changes, or with makeup and food needs during the show. This is just one of the many examples of how the girls, aged 12-15, learnt, took ownership, and executed their responsibilities fearlessly and smoothly because an environment for them to learn, take ownership, and execute, was carefully planned and nurtured over many months. I sincerely believe that the impacts of this experience will go much beyond the magnificent display of seasons that we saw that day.

Devi Vijayakumar is a software product management professional, an art lover, passionate and supportive Bharatanatyam mom, mother of twins, and one of the most organized people you will ever meet.