When Collaborating with a Team, There’s a 1-Word “Rose” That Smells the Sweetest of All

By Suchitra Sairam

What’s one the best roses in life? When something you dream about and aspire to becomes reality.
I love the arts, and the positive impact it has on people. Dance and music have enriched my life more than I can describe.
However, how people in the arts function (or not) together often leaves a sour taste.
There are some absolute gems, who are open, generous and humble. There are others who aren’t able to “play nice” out of fear or arrogance.
How does this look through the Rose-Bud-Thorn framework?
Rose: Celebrate the Good
Bud: Nurture Growth & Potential
Thorn: Confront Challenges Head-on
One of my biggest roses during and after Kala Vandanam’s recent ensemble show, “Sampradaya” was the true embodiment of Ubuntu.
Ubuntu is a collection of values that teaches us each individual is part of a more significant collective.
Fundamental philosophy – “I am because of others.”
Fundamental value – “I’m valuable if I contribute to the well-being of others.”
Guiding principle – “I value others simply for who they are, and THEN for what they achieve.”
It’s not “we” INSTEAD of “me.” It means “we” AND “me.”
Ubuntu reminds us we have a place for ourselves and a responsibility and duty to others.
What did I see in this wonderful ensemble of 11 dancers and 5 musicians? Ubuntu in action.
I’ve personally trained all of the dancers over many years. I’ve aimed over 21 years to create a culture of collaboration and non-competitive aspiration. It doesn’t guarantee it will happen.
The 4 guest musicians are all accomplished, 2 of them highly acclaimed and having toured internationally for decades. What was beautiful? Not one ounce of arrogance toward more junior artists.
It was all about “we.” It was all about creating our best art AND having a great time doing it.
It was Ubuntu in action.
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