#natyamnaatak – “APOLOGIES, APOLOGIES…”

Often, parents apologize to me on behalf of their children. 

Most often, it’s about:

  • Class behavior
  • Lack of practice
  • Schedule conflicts
  • Forgetting to bring something
  • Some of it is definitely comical.

What’s more hilarious (and sometimes alarming!) are my students apologizing to me about their parents.

“I’m really sorry I am late to class. I’m ready to leave on time, but my dad is ALWAYS running late. And he doesn’t believe in being on time.”

“I’m sorry I can’t come to class next week, my dad can’t bring me. He said has to travel for work and make money so he can pay for dance class.”

A student who was “out sick” the previous week apologized when I asked how she was feeling now. “I’m sorry my mom lied and told you I was sick. She wanted me to come to a party for a family friend.” (PSA to all parents of dance students… please don’t make your kids keep track of your lies.) 

From a student who wanted to come watch me perform in a show but didn’t come, “I’m sorry I can’t come to your show. My parents said I didn’t need to come if I wasn’t dancing.” (PSA to all parents of dance students… this is the WRONG answer.)