#natyamnaatak – “IT SMELLS LIKE…”

Dancers sweat. A lot.

What naturally follows? B.O. (body odor). No one is immune, even the littlest dancers. After awhile, we all smell.

After long sessions (or short sessions when it’s really hot), the dance studio air can get, let’s say, ripe.

It can hit you hard when you enter the studio, or come near someone who has been dancing. The nose needs a moment (or a few) of calibration.

What are some of the more memorable “odor” comments?

“Wow, what died in here?”

“I thought my tennis team smelled bad.”

“I stink and class hasn’t even started yet.”

“Did everyone forget their deodorant today?”

“No one is getting a prom date smelling like this.”

“Wow, you stink!” (1st thing a mom said to their kid during an Arangetram intermission)


And maybe the best so far…

“The studio smells like… an Indian airport.”