#natyamnaatak – Character flaws

As much affection as students show, they are equally (maybe more) willing to identify all of a teacher’s flaws. My students are no exception – for example…

(When mixing and matching movements to help them become more mentally and physically agile) – “You are nice… but sneaky.”

(When making them do tough adavus that make them sweat) – “You are evil… but in a nice way.”

(When showing them a technique sequence that is challenging) – “How do you move that fast when you are so old.” (particularly #ouch)

(When I’ve given corrections and ask them to do something “one more time”) – “I don’t think you had a good kindergarten teacher. You said ‘one more time’ ten times ago!”

And maybe the best one so far….

(When I had a brief menopausal dizzy spell, and nearly hit the deck during class) – “Aren’t you supposed to be more graceful?”


#natyamnaatak #halloween