#natyamnaatak – “Great Costume!”

My usual walking path to the old location of the Kala Vandanam studio took me past a public park in downtown St. Paul. As usual, I’m walking down the street dressed in my practice saree – I’m not bothered, and generally no one gives me a second glance.

Until Halloween a few years ago.

From about 20 yards away, I hear…

“Hey, beautiful, how are things today?”

“Oh great,” I think to myself… “I can do without the catcalling today.”

“Is that your Halloween costume? GREAT COSTUME! Come trick or treat with me!”

Then his buddy standing next to him chimes in, “Dude, no! She dances, man! Belly dance or somethin’.”

Uh, no. And no.

#natyamnaatak #halloween