#natyamnaatak – “Why Don’t We Have Class?”

I recently took a weekend off for wedding anniversary travel, and caught a lot of flack from some students.

S1 – “Why don’t we have class next week?”
T – “Well, I’m traveling, so we’ll regroup for class in 2 weeks.”
S2 – “But I don’t understand why you need to travel, there isn’t a holiday or anything.”
T – “Well, my husband and I have our 28th wedding anniversary, so we are going on a short trip.”
S3 – “But that’s not a holiday. That’s optional.”
S2 – “Yeah, I mean if it was Spring Break or something, we would all go on a holiday. But you are just doing something random.”
S4 – “Seems random to me too. It’s not like you need time off from dance or something.”
T – #mindvoice “Ummmm…..”

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