#natyamnaatak – “Stage Anxiety (Not to the Max)”

Stage Anxiety (Not to the Max)
Kala Vandanam’s annual Natya Sadhana celebration for Vijayadasami day just passed… our 21st time celebrating together!
As much as this teacher wants the art to be just right, this teacher also understands there are much simpler goals… getting every student on and off stage with:
1/ No tears 😪
2/ No injuries 🤕
3/ Lots of smiles 😃
Every student also has their own goals – one recurring theme this year was managing stage anxiety, including “I have Stage Anxiety to the Max!”
Afterward, many were delighted to report their stage anxiety “wasn’t that bad” this year. Maybe even gone for good!
One student even came and thanked me for my “smart planning.”
“I think you made a really good decision about what to teach our class. We went so early and the show went so fast, none of us even had time to be stressed out before performed. Did you do that on purpose?”
No, but I’m glad you thought so. ❤️
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