The Day(s) After a Big Ensemble Show – Meaningful Reflection Inspired by 1 Flower

By Suchitra Sairam
As a performing artist, the days after a big show leave your mind chattering with
  • Learnings
  • Excitement
  • Exhilaration
  • Experiences
  • Observations
  • Disappointments
One of our most important post-show rituals is meaningful, slow-cooked reflection. We have much to take away from these experiences.
This becomes more important and complex when it is an ensemble.
Sharing reflections and observations as a group spark conversation and ideas. It can also sway people unintentionally.
After Kala Vandanam’s recent ensemble show with 11 dancers and 5 musicians, we enjoyed each other’s company and shared thoughts over treats. But how to reflect meaningfully without undue influence on each other?
One dancer suggested the “Rose-Bud-Thorn” technique. It turned out to be an effective method for deep reflection and meaningful sharing.

Embrace the Rose: Celebrate the Good

Emphasize the positive and cultivate gratitude.
Start by identifying the rose, representing the highlights and victories of your experience. Cherishing the positive aspects creates a foundation for appreciation and gratitude.
Embrace the rose to uplift your spirits and inspire others.

Embrace the Bud: Nurture Growth & Potential

Foster curiosity, encourage continuous improvement and anticipate future potential
The bud signifies potential and growth opportunities within your experience. Recognize the areas where you can improve, learn, or explore further. Anticipate the excitement of potential. Cultivating a growth mindset driven by curiosity allows us to unlock hidden potential and propel ourselves forward.

Address the Thorn: Confront Challenges Head-on

Confront challenges and obstacles with determination and resilience.
The thorn represents challenges and setbacks that you encountered. Instead of shying away from them, address the thorn directly. Analyze obstacles faced, mistakes made, or lessons learned from difficult situations. Share struggles and how they were overcome, inspiring resilience. This empowers us to grow from adversity.

Reflection through Rose-Bud-Thorn

🤗 Celebrate good
🤩 Nurture potential
😓 Confront challenges