How the “Rose-Bud-Thorn” Reflection as a Group Gives a Dance Ensemble (or any Team) 3 Reminders About What Really Matters

By Suchitra Sairam

Using the “Rose-Bud-Thorn” approach makes room for individual and group reflection without undue influence on each other.

Rose: Celebrate the Good

Emphasize the positive and cultivate gratitude. Embrace the rose to uplift your spirits and inspire others.

Bud: Nurture Growth & Potential

Foster curiosity, encourage continuous improvement and anticipate future potential. Cultivating a growth mindset propels us forward.

Thorn: Confront Challenges Head-on

Confront challenges with determination. Share struggles and how they were overcome. Carry on with resilience. This inspires and empowers us to grow from adversity.
After Kala Vandanam’s recent ensemble show with 11 dancers and 5 musicians, the dancers shared their respective Rose-Bud-Thorn reflections.
11 dancers, 11 views, 11 lenses through which a common experience was viewed. What were the highlights and common threads?
US not me
Proud of the work created
I let go. I danced for myself.
Amazing experience learning the production side
Dancing with and being accepted by more experienced dancers
Building relationships
Dancing with besties again
Make more memories like this
How my dancing will mature with time
So many years of dance to look forward to
Seeing where dance takes me in the future
Was over too fast
Stress related to costuming
Physical discomforts after intensive rehearsals. LOTS of them.
What’s beautiful about it?
The ROSES are permanently etched as positive memories
The BUDS give so much to look forward to.
The THORNS are all transient.
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