#natyamnaatak – You’re Not THAT Mean.

Just another day in class, and I’m challenging the young students with a sequence of steps. We mix and match the order to test memory and do it without breaks to challenge stamina, and make it a little game.

Nothing too crazy. Or so I think.

Student 1 – “Wow this is pretty mean.”

Teacher – “Mean? What do you mean, ‘mean’?”

Student 1 – “I mean, this is mean because you aren’t giving us any breaks!”

Teacher – “You know…”

Student 1 – “Well, I guess you’re not THAT mean. I mean, you aren’t as mean as the mean school teacher in ‘Matilda,’ Miss Trunchbull.”

Teacher – “Ummmmm, thanks?”

#mindvoice “Wow, you have really arrived. You aren’t as mean as an adult bully in a Roald Dahl story.”