#natyamnaatak – A Bindi Like Woody

While we don’t have uniforms for classes at Kala Vandanam, we do have a simple dress code – just as a habit and to create positive energy and mindset for dancing. One element of said dress code is to wear a bindi… no specific size or color, to give space for personal expression. But some of the bindis may as well be invisible.

Teacher – “Kanna, do you have a bindi on? Can’t see it from here.”
Student 1 – “I have one see?” (it’s a light gold color, maybe a millimeter in diameter)
Student 2 – “Suchi akka, didn’t you say that you are middle aged and you have to wear glasses to read now? Maybe you need to get a new prescription and then wear them all the time.”
Teacher – #mindvoice “Ouch.”
Teacher – “I don’t think glasses would help me see THAT bindi. I think I need a microscope instead.”

rapid fire responses

Student 3 – “Well you studied science and engineering, right? So, using microscopes should be easy for you.”
Student 4 – “You can’t use a microscope on someone’s forehead. She should use a magnifying glass instead.”
Student 3 – “Oooh, if she uses a magnifying glass with sunlight, then *Student 1* could have a permanent bindi burned into her forehead. Just like Woody in Toy Story.”
Student 2 – “This is getting kind of creepy.”
Student 1 – “I think I should just wear a different bindi.”
Teacher – “Oy, dalangu thaka dhiku thaka thadinginathom
#mindvoice “What just happened?”